“A coiling plot, full of insightful characters, with an intriguing mix of hopes and fears.”

Steve Berry

“Javier Sierra's The Lost Angel is an extraordinary journey through the past and into a present fraught with very real terror threats. The characters leap to life, the plot devours your attention--and the powerful message resonates. We don't know our own past. We don't know the truth about the powers that have been unleashed on earth in the past and may be again. But somebody does, and that somebody is very, very dangerous. Javier Sierra takes us on a thoughtful, marvelously entertaining ride that sparkles with fascinating information and richly imagined speculation.”

Whitley Strieber

“In The Lost Angel, Javier Sierra takes us on a riveting quest through 5000 years of humanity's rich esoteric history, peeling away those fascinating onionskin layers of our own hidden past. As the intrepid Julia Alvarez hurtles headlong across a continent to save her husband, she discovers the dark forces that imminently will be unleashed -- when the lost wisdom of the ancients smashes, as in a particle accelerator, against those dangerous powers already held in the hands of modern science."”

Katherine Neville

“With The Lost Angel, Javier Sierra has gifted his readers with a mesmerizing and thrilling journey into one of the greatest historical mysteries -- the true nature of angels. A fascinating and gripping tale.”

Heather Terrell

“It's a real page turner, beautifully evocative and atmospheric, and a real rollercoaster journey. It's a satisfying mix of the supernatural and action.”

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

“From its explosive opening to its thrilling conclusion, The Lost Angel by Javier Sierra is a rocket-paced, page turner. Fans of Dan Brown will find everything they're looking for -- and so much more -- in this intriguing, provocative novel, as rich in historical detail as it is tuned in to our modern day nightmares.”

Lisa Unger

“A coiling plot, full on insightful characters, with an intriguing mix of hopes and fears. Javier Sierra plays readers like a virtuoso --- a stickler for detail --- with imagination galore --- but always keeping the story ringing with unadorned reality. Just a solid, drum-tight winner of a book.”

Steve Berry


“A high-voltage experience.”

La Vanguardia

“Sierra has fashioned a spine-tingling apocalyptic thriller set in real-world locations and based on well-researched mythology and scientific facts, with just the right amount of fiction to make for an excellent read.”

Library Journal

“The seven years were worth the wait because his new and fascinating novel deserves a place alongside works that endure beyond pop culture.”

Año Cero

“Javier Sierra's The Lost Angel (Simon & Schuster) has the rare ability to thrill, entertain and also make readers think […]You may want to read this novel for its ripper of a plot, or for the theological possibilities it suggests, or just for the sheer beauty of Sierra's ability to make it all into a very readable whole. But I'd suggest you read The Lost Angel.”

Surrey Now

“Stories across all cultures tell similar tales, regardless of their language, and that’s what Sierra shows us so skillfully.”

El Cultural (El Mundo)

“A pure thriller.”

Qué Leer

“The Lost Angel ends the author’s seven-year silence (and his thousands of fans’ desperation.)”


“The reader is swept away by this exciting, contemporary story of faith; it's fast paced enough to hold together, and, perhaps surprisingly, logical at least within itself.”


“Javier Sierra is the king of the bestseller.”

XL Semanal

“Javier Sierra's superb apocalyptic thriller has hot action and arcane information enough for two books, at least. And Sierra is a better writer than Robert Ludlum or Dan Brown ever hoped to be.”

The Globe and Mail

“A novel that transcends fiction and becomes, in itself, a worthwhile truth.”

Más Allá

“So many amazing things happen in this novel, and at such a breakneck pace, that the reader willingly lets himself be drawn into the web of reality that [Sierra] stitches together so meticulously.”

La Razón