72 hours

Javier Sierra

In approximately seventy-two hours, a little-known Middle Eastern terrorist group plans to bring about the end of the world. Convinced that they are the descendents of angels, they believe they are on the verge of at last being returned to heaven. Central to their plan is the kidnapping of an undercover American scientist whose research has led him to an extraordinary secret: He is the keeper of a pair of mysterious artifacts said to grant their owner the power to communicate directly with God himself.

The scientist's only hope for survival is his young wife—a woman born with a rare psychic gift that can unleash the power of the sacred stones. But she must find the courage to save her husband, all while running from religious extremists and secret U.S. government agencies who want to use the stones for their own purposes. Like The Secret Supper, The Lost Angel bears all the hallmarks of Sierra's erudite yet fast-paced brand of storytelling, combining historical fact and fiction with dazzling narrative feats